Do some Hindus think that Hinduism is a scientific religion?

Do some Hindus think that Hinduism is a scientific religion? by @mariawirth1

Answer by Maria Wirth:

Your claim that Hinduism is not scientific is wrong.
While Christianity and Islam are based on an unverifiable story (God has a son whom he sent to save mankind 2000 years ago or Allah made his will how people should live known for the very last time to Mohammed some 1400 years ago) and further claim (of course also unverified and highly unlikely) that whoever won’t believe it will rot in hell for eternity, the ancient Indian tradition (called Hinduism today) was from the very very ancient start a genuine enquiry into truth.

Here truth doesn’t mean the opposite of lie. Like Christianity declares that what Church says is true and not a lie..
Here truth means that which truly exists, that which is the basis or essence or inner ruler of this manifested universe.

Hinduism is scientific as it is based on what can be known, intuited and experienced. There is no need for any blind belief to qualify for heaven . The rishis had profound insights not only in spiritual but also worldly matters. The Rg Veda (10.22.14) states that earth is round, goes around the sun, etc, yet even Indian children don’t hear about it.

Please see those two posts on my blog – one on what Hindu Dharma can contribute to the unified theory of everything and the other about the huge knowledge in India that is grabbed and patented by the west.

India's Wisdom and modern Science

Vedic Rishis – the ancestors of all Indians

Do some Hindus think that Hinduism is a scientific religion?


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